Generic New 15.6″ Satellite C660 Series Compatible Replacement Screen
April 2, 2015
Generic New 15.6″Gateway NX.Y1 Series Compatible Replacement Screen
April 2, 2015
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Generic New 15.6″ Satellite C855 Series Compatible Replacement Screen


You are purchasing a COMPATIBLE SCREEN:

Satellite C850D-11C

Satellite C855-10G

Satellite C855-10K

Satellite C855-10M

Satellite C855-10N

Satellite C855-10P

Satellite C855-10T

Satellite C855-10W

Satellite C855-10X

Satellite C855-10Z

Satellite C855-111

Satellite C855-112

Satellite C855-113

Satellite C855-11F

Satellite C855-11G

Satellite C855-127

Satellite C855-128

Satellite C855-129

Satellite C855-12C

Satellite C855-12D

Satellite C855-12E

Satellite C855-12F

Satellite C855-12J

Satellite C855-12M

Satellite C855-12N

Satellite C855-12R

Satellite C855-12X

Satellite C855-12Z

Satellite C855-13F

Satellite C855-13T

Satellite C855-13V

Satellite C855-148

Satellite C855-14J

Satellite C855-14R

Satellite C855-14T

Satellite C855-177

Satellite C855-17C

Satellite C855-17M

Satellite C855-17N

Satellite C855-17Q

Satellite C855-17R

Satellite C855-17T

Satellite C855-17X

Satellite C855-17Z

Satellite C855-18D

Satellite C855-18J

Satellite C855-18L

Satellite C855-18N

Satellite C855-18P

Satellite C855-18R

Satellite C855-18U

Satellite C855-18V

Satellite C855-18Z

Satellite C855-192

Satellite C855-1E7

Satellite C855-1EE

Satellite C855-1GN

Satellite C855-1GP

Satellite C855-1GQ

Satellite C855-1GR

Satellite C855-1H8

Satellite C855-1HE

Satellite C855-1HK

Satellite C855-1HL

Satellite C855-1HM

Satellite C855-1J0

Satellite C855-1J1

Satellite C855-1J2

Satellite C855-1J7

Satellite C855-1J8

Satellite C855-1JD

Satellite C855-1KZ

Satellite C855-1L1

Satellite C855-1L2

Satellite C855-1L5

Satellite C855-1M1

Satellite C855-1M3

Satellite C855-1MD

Satellite C855-1ME

Satellite C855-1MW

Satellite C855-1Q2

Satellite C855-1Q5

Satellite C855-1T7

Satellite C855-1T9

Satellite C855-1TL

Satellite C855-1TM

Satellite C855-1TN

Satellite C855-1TV

Satellite C855-1W3

Satellite C855-1W4

Satellite C855-1W9

Satellite C855-1WH

Satellite C855-1WZ

Satellite C855-20M

Satellite C855-21P

Satellite C855-21Q

Satellite C855-21W

Satellite C855-2L6

Satellite C855D-102

Satellite C855D-11X

Satellite C855D-12T

Satellite C855D-137

Satellite C855D-142

Satellite C855D-150

Satellite C855D-15U

Satellite C855D-16J

Satellite C855D-16U

Satellite C855D-16V

Satellite C855-S5214

Satellite C855-S5350

If you need the exact part number, please let us know in advance.

Condition: new

Screen size: 15.6??

Resolution: 1366 x 768 (WXGA HD)

Screen finish: Glossy

Backlight Type: LED

Connector: 40 pins

Warranty: 3 months

SKU: O1-208 Category: Tag:

Please check your original screen model before place order. It should be on the bar code on the back of your old screen.The pattern looks like below examples.

B156XW02 V.2

If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact us by online chat or leave a message. We will help you choose the correct screen. Any returns due to purchase in error will be charged a restocking fee.



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Return shipping cost: the buyer pays return shipping cost in any cases.


Warranty and Return

Warranty period: 90 days.

Coverage: Warranty only covers manufacturing defects. Any damages or defects caused by mishandling of buyer are not covered under warranty.

Restocking fee:

We don’t accept returns of any purchase in error. Please make sure you are purchasing the right item. If you have any questions about the item, please use online chat or leave a message before placing an order.

NOTE THAT ITEMS ORDERED IN ERROR will be charged a restocking fee on the item’s price. The restocking fee for returned items is 10%-30% of the item price.

Dead Pixel Policy: All screens are subject to ISO norm which means screens with 1-5 dead pixels are not considered defective.

Return Postage: Buyer pays return postage in any cases, including damaged screens in transit.


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